We are happy to introduce new model, which many of you were waitting for!

19. 1. 2016

PAR Mk3 SPARTAN piston operated rifle is the ultimate tool for Safety/security, self defense, sport or hunting applications.

Unbeatable quality for unbeatable price!
This is new SPARTAN!

  • Simple to use and operate
  • High quality CNC production
  • Match quality, button cut barrels
  • Controlled Liquid Ionic Nitriding – ARCOR V treatment on barrel, piston system, bolt, bolt carrier, gas block
All is the same like our PAR Mk3, except of following:
  • Not adjustable (fixed) gas regulation unit, hex key needed for disassembly
  • Handguard (KeyMode or 4 Rail) with hex wrench needed for disassembly and in length of 218mm
  • Standard M4 collapsible stock
  • Standard A2 grip
  • Standard A2 muzzle break
  • Standard trigger guard

PAR Mk3 SPARTAN piston operated rifle
Calibers .223 Rem (5,56mm) 7,62x39mm
Barrels 10,5", 14,5" and 16,75"
Twist 1:7" 1:10"
Handguard Standard 218mm with 4 rail or KeyMod

MSRP incl. 21% VAT: 1 195,- EUR (29 900,- CZK)

We are happy to announce that KeyMod handguards are available for our rifles now.

19. 1. 2016

Our handguards will be offered in 4 rail or KeyMode only in following lengths:

  • Standard 218mm
  • Medium 266mm
  • Long 314mm
  • XLong 362mm – KeyMode only


PROARMS ARMORY s.r.o. was established as a company specializing in the production of PAR Mk3 rifles, special accessories and accessories for weapons and marksmanship.

The company utilizes high quality and modern technological equipment, a test shooting tunnel, design workshop and other high quality equipment necessary to ensure the highest quality of our products.

PROARMS ARMORY employs experts with extensive experience in the development and production of weapons, sales and shooting sports and in the activities of special operations units deployed by the armed forces.