PROARMS ARMORY quickly responds to specific customer requirements and manufactures products according to customer requirements. This especially concerns the production of special mounts, accessories and weaponry equipment. Due to our own design workshop and back up facilities, the specific requirement and sample product can be manufactured in a short period.


The company offers specific adjustments to standard manufactured weapons according to customer requirements. In principle, the following adjustments are possible:

  • Engraving of descriptions and signatures
  • Additional fine tuning of a weapon and adding accessories according to customer specifications. The company automatically tests the complete product

Prices for these adjustments are negotiated by agreement.

PROARMS ARMORY, s.r.o. also supplies firearms accessories from the following brands:

Leupold Timney Triggers Magpul Ergo Ledwave Hawke G-MAG Badger Ordnance DPMS M-PRO7 OTIS Technology Hoppe’s Command Arms Accessories Harris Engineering

Note: Not all items from the listed manufacturers can be supplied due to US legislation. Please contact us regarding any specific products, availability and price by e-mail.