Export commercial terms and conditions

The following Commercial Terms and Conditions are binding for all foreign customers of PROARMS ARMORY, s.r.o. Each customer accepts and agrees with these terms and conditions with the binding order for purchasing goods.

  1. PROARMS ARMORY, .s.r.o. products are supplied complete with detailed instruction manual and comply with all legal requirements for marketing. PAR Mk3 rifles are supplied including C.I.P. and all functions are tested using standard ammunition.
  2. The products are provided with a 24 month warranty. Return of goods due to a reclaim and for service is only possible by prior agreement and after requesting approval from the manufacturer (supplier).
  3. The user is obliged to follow the manual instructions and with regard to arms to comply with any other laws that regulate gun ownership in the respective country. Manufacturer PROARMS ARMORY, s.r.o. shall not be liable under any circumstances for damage caused by improper or unauthorized use of the weapon and ammunition. Each weapon is certified by ČÚZZS and complies with the requirements of C.I.P. Ammunition used in the weapon must be of adequate calibre, quality and meet C.I.P. requirements. Use of poor quality, improper or unauthorized ammunition, may according to C.I.P. result in loss of warranty. Likewise, the manufacturer is not responsible for supplied parts or components subsequently used in the product, whose quality and properties cannot be verified
  4. The export of weapons and their main parts is subject to an export license issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Subsequent export is further subject to transport approval issued by the CR Police. The export license is issued for a period of 12 months.
  5. PROARMS ARMORY, s.r.o. requires that foreign customers present authorization for arms trading, the import license and the purchase order. Based on these documents, the exporter can apply for an export license. The order can be issued as pro forma with due respect to the anticipated order quantity in the next 12 months with continuous fulfilment.
  6. An export license is required for the supply of complete weapons and the main parts. In the case of the PAR Mk3 rifle, the above applies to the following:
    1. Frame
    2. Receiver housing
    3. Barrel
    4. Bolt, Bolt and bolt carrier assembly
    5. Adapter – Upper Assembly
  7. Orders are processed according to the order in which they were received. Unprocessed orders are recorded until processed or cancelled by the customer.
  8. Prices are set at the recommended retail price. Further prices are set for the retailer – dealer and for the distributor.
  9. Who can become a dealer? A company authorized to conduct business in the respective country with a minimum order of 3,000 EUR for weapons and 1,000 EUR for parts and accessories. This applies if there is no exclusive distributorship in place for the given territory.
  10. A company with an initial purchase of 10,000 EUR can also become a distributor can receive an exclusive contract for a given territory after agreement with the manufacturer. Annual sales volume will be determined by agreement between the manufacturer and the distributor based on the given territory. This agreement will be assessed after each year.
  11. Export prices are listed in EUR netto excluding VAT and shipping costs. Recommended retail price is listed including 20% VAT.
  12. Costs for issuing an export license and permits are paid by the exporter. The importer is responsible for costs associated with import, custom clearance and shipping, unless agreed otherwise.
  13. PROARMS ARMORY s.r.o. reserves the right to make changes in the listed prices. Customers will be informed of any changes.
  14. The supplier reserves the right to make any changes to these commercial terms and conditions.