features PAR Mk3

The semi automatic PAR Mk3 rifle features high precision CNC made parts. Manufacturing tolerances are more stringent than in the standard production of this type of weapon. There is a 100 % guarantee of the interchange ability of parts from the PAR Mk3 rifle. The frame and upper receiver are from high quality 7075T6 aluminium alloy.

The weapon is designed to maintain compatibility not only in terms of individual parts but with the AR15 American production standard. The weapon can also be used with any accessory designed for the AR15. In addition, the new design allows for an overall reduction in the height of the rifle by 5 mm compare to PAR Mk1.

  • The weapon frame enables the additional installation of left or right hand controls
  • The upper receiver creates the basic contour of the weapon free of protrusions with excellent handling
  • No tools are required for assembly or disassembly of the forearm
  • Adjustable gas block (4 positions) for different types of ammunition.
    PAR Mk3 rifles therefore function with virtually all types of ammunition available on the market, including Barnaul, Wolf brands etc. Due to the adjustable amount of gas, the weapon can behave in an optimal manner with less or more effective ammunition.
  • The trigger guard enables shooting with gloves and it can be quickly tilted with just the cartridge
  • The combination of the upper receiver and case deflector into one block with positioning closer to the frame makes the weapon slimmer
  • The high quality telescopic stock
  • Each weapon is fitted with a unique space bar clearance between the frame and case breech
  • Ergonomic beaver tail grip for optimal gradient
  • Maximum rigid free float handguard with four fixed MIL-STD-1913 rails, which even with rough handling shows no willingness to move towards the upper receiver or any deviation in the re-deployment. The handguard can be supplied in three different lengths and is the narrowest available on the market
  • Improved bolt carrier and bolt while the entire piston mechanism is designed with the emphasis on durability and maintenance-free operation
  • Superior barrels produced exclusively by Lothar Walther for PROARMS Armory.